Discover why sharing your addiction story can help others

imagesDefeating addiction of any kind is not easy. This is especially the case when it comes to masturbation addiction. It is the kind of secret that most people find it embarrassing to discuss. If you know that you are no longer in control, if the impulse to masturbate has consumed your life, then you should get professional help.

sharing your addiction story can help others. Loneliness is one of the hardest parts of dealing with this addiction. You can feel isolated and cut-off from everyone. Drug and alcohol addiction are better known. Masturbation addiction is not as public, which can make you feel as though you are some kind of freak.

But this is simply not the case. Many people have this problem. Your willingness to come forward and share your struggle with it will help both you and others.

When you masturbate, you don’t feel as though you’re doing anything wrong. The fact that you do it every day all the time does not seem so odd—to you. But if you have taken to doing it in public places or find yourself unable to carry out normal sexual acts or even form intimate relationships then you have a problem.

There are as many ways to descend into this form of dependency as there are ways out of it. You will have your own story about how it came to consume everything you cherish, love, and worked for. Serious and persistent difficulties in your home and professional life can lead to it. Dissatisfaction with your relationship can lead to masturbation addiction.

Masturbating to excess can be your way of coping with the demands of your job. The stress and strain that modern professionals have to deal with too often goes unnoticed and unrecognized for what it is: a direct challenge to the mental stability and sanity of most ordinary people. The world is racing ahead at an increasingly rapid rate, and it is becoming harder and harder for individuals to keep up. The difficulties, complexities, and complications of work are so extensive and constant that it takes all that individuals have just to keep up. Office politics and other interpersonal maneuverings only add to such stress—and indeed can be what ultimately pushes you toward self-destructive tendencies

If you have not already done so, you soon will see the negative impact of masturbation addiction on your life and work. You will gradually feel as though your life is slipping away from you. It will seem as though you cannot keep the masterful grip you once had on all your affairs. More and more time and energy will go toward pornography and masturbation rather than toward your partner. Rather than waiting until the damage is done you should seek the help you need to recover from your dependence.

Help is available. You can get the counseling you need to pull yourself back from the brink. There are a number of trained psychologists who know how to deal with the problem of masturbation addiction. They can help you to take back control of your life.

You are not alone in your addiction. You can get the help you need by visiting a professional. You can also learn how sharing your addiction story can help others .

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